These common habits are dangerous for your smartphone

These common habits are dangerous for your smartphone

Certainly, the majority of people are trying to do their best to preserve their smartphones for as long as possible. For this purpose they are doing various things such as purchasing special coverages as well as glass for their devices or installing a number of apps which are meant to be maintaining the optimum level of energy consumption. Also do not forget the usage of the accessories which have been produced exclusively for a particular model of a smartphone.

All of these practices seem to be sensible, however, even those people who are so careful with their favourite gadgets tend to have some habits which can easily damage their smartphones. This ar5ticle will provide you with more information on the topic so that you will be able to protect your phone better.

Cleaning your smartphone with the chemical products which have not been designed for this purpose

There is no secret in the fact a range of household chemical products have a very similar variety of ingredients to each other and some of them even have exactly the same contents. On the one hand, the knowledge of this fact can help many people to save a lot of money on buying practically the same products which have been dedicated for different parts of home. On the other hand, it is crucial to make sure the products are indeed the same before using any of them for cleaning something which is not explicitly mentioned on the list printed on the bottle.

The same goes for your smartphone.

It might appear as a range of chemical products for instance, the liquids used for cleaning glass are supposed to be the same as the liquid which can be found in special wet tissues earmarked exactly to smartphones. Still, this is not the way you might imagine it to be.

Some of the chemicals are too harsh for the screens of smartphones as they are not made of the same glass as your windows and mirrors. At the same time, there is also a range of products which appear to be pretty delicate for using them on some surfaces whereas they are capable of scratching your smartphone. For this purpose, it is highly recommended to use the exact products developed for cleaning such devices and nothing else. The habit of wiping the screen of your device with anything you find handy can quickly cause permanent damages of the phone.

Using your smartphone until it is completely uncharged

Even though some time ago such a practice was actually recommended as the older technology used in mobile phones and the first models of smartphones was based on the batteries with memory, this should not be your habit with modern smartphones.

Remember the warning you can see once the charge of your phone drops to the level of twenty percent is not just any information for you that your phone will soon lose its energy completely and you will not be able to use it anymore. This warning is also for the sake of the device itself.

Modern smartphones can be damaged by keeping them fully uncharged and you might have a real trouble with turning it on even once you plug it into the electricity socket. In fact, in many such cases you will have to use specialists who will be able to get your phone out of this state with other devices which are generally not good for batteries.

Leaving your smartphone on the beach

There is nothing surprising in the fact the battery of a smartphone can get overheated and still, many people are absolutely oblivious to this fact and keep on leaving their gadgets outside during the summer or even keeping them directly under the sun rays.

This can be rather damaging to the entire device and especially to it its battery. First of all, the heat can cause permanent fading of the colours in the screen. Secondly, the battery can get spilt and the batteries of the previous generations can even explode. Moreover, the entire plastic cover of your phone can melt under the heat of the sun.

If it happens to you to forget about your phone while you are on the beach, you should be really careful about such a habit.

Leaving your smartphone on your sofa

There is nothing new in the fact a great number of smartphones were killed by their owners sitting on them. This can happen to anyone once a person is getting distracted from using one’s phone and leaving it on the sofa only to come back and sit on the gadget without any awareness of it being underneath.

It is still worth mentioning such a possibility as this is indeed what many people are doing and even if you have been successful in landing near your gadget rather than on the top of it, it is still better not to wait to the moment when it happens.