Set your web development work station

With the lucrative career of web development and ease of access to the sea of information, this age has seen the ever-growing number of people diving into web development and making fantastic niche living out of it. This factor along with others which are too numerous to mention here has turn web development into one of the most demanded careers of the time. It has already been generating abundance of working places for fifteen years, and still is.

If you are willing to tap into the industry and start your web development career, you are probably thinking about the equipment and software you will need to complete the tasks of this career. This short article will give you a basic idea of how you can arrange your workspace.

What is the equipment you are looking for?

Unlike other sectors of software development such as game development or graphic intensive development, web development does not need super high client PC to start off. A decent or even a low budget PC and stable Internet connection are everything you need to prepare to hoist your sail and set off!

Of course, the more advanced computer and the more speedy Internet you can arrange for your educational process and then, for your work, the more satisfying your work will be. Still, it does not mean that you will not be able to start learning about web development and make your first projects for your portfolio or as a freelancer if you cannot afford a powerful computer right away.

A good code editor – your web development tool

When it comes to the software necessary for web development, a code editor is absolutely mandatory. A code editor is simply where you will write all the code for your application. Without this essential tool you will only be able to read about code, read open source code or temporarily use browser dev tools to scratch some primitive code.

Certainly, that is not what you are looking for as you will not be able to build a whole web application using only browser dev tool. Technically, you can try doing it if you want to pull your hair out of you head eventually.

Well, good news is, there is a plenty of code editors out there, which you can just simply download and start using. Most of them are pretty lightweight, free od charge and does not require crazy amount of processing power from your system. Some of the most popular code editors of this type are Notepad++, Sublime Text, VS Code Studio, Atoms, Brackets and Vim.

For our purpose we will stick to VS Code Studio due to its crazy open wide community, support and integrated development environment. If you do not have this master piece of code editor, go ahead and download it right away. Next thing you want to do is installing the following extension to make your development more easier and flexible.