Programme compatibility

When we are about to install a programme on the Windows operating system, generally most of users look for system requirements and precisely the hardware specifications and little to overlook the operating system. This is where most of the struggle comes when their programme does not run the way they expected. Here you will find more information on the topic of programme compatibility.

Compatibility problems with different Windows versions

Every application that has ever been written for the Windows operating system were written for the very recent Windows that was dominating. But as we know, the Windows versions have changed over time and sometimes the changes are not such major changes but minor, for instance from Windows 7 to 8 and onwards. Where the programme was written for Windows 7, it caused any little problem.

Yet, with the major changes like XP to latter ones. there is a huge change where programmes may not behave the way you expect it to behave. In this case, you can run these programmes with a little Windows tweaks. To help you out with this, Windows provide a different kind of compatibility mode to support all those previous programmes.

You can get to this compatibility mode by going on to the properties dialogue box of the programme. You can do so by right clicking the programme and selecting properties from the menu. Here you will see the compatibility tab. Now simply select the version of Windows and you are supposed to be set for that programme.

Configuration in the compatibility mode for Windows

You have also have additional configuration at your disposal. Here you can find more on them.

  • Reduced colour mode

A lot of programmes written for older version of Windows had colour support for 256 colours whereas later Windows support more than 256 colours and wider range of colours.

  • Run in 640 by 480 screen resolution

Many programmes were written only for 640 by 480 resolution screen. You can set this option to run such programmes.

  • Disable desktop composition (Widnows 7)

This disables the aero display features. All of these advanced programmes that you can find now can weigh down on older programmes.

  • Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

This option turns off any automatic resizing of programme’s window if you have a high DPI font. This setting help you prevent large fonts from looking strange!

  • Run this programme as an administrator

In case, if you do not see the administrator option, just log in as an administrator.

  • Enable this programme to work with One Drive files (only for Windows 8/8.1/10)

Selecting this option will provide you support for older programmes that did not understand the idea of cloud storage back then.

  • Change settings for all users

Here you can decide if you want to make this compatibility settings for all users or current user only.

Note that all of these options may vary with Windows versions. Anytime a programme does not run, try the compatibility mode. Just a precautionary note, do a little online search about the programme before you run it.