Utilising System Protection and Shadow Copy

No wonder what is the biggest loss than a data corruption when something related to application fails. Definitely a backup copy is handy, restoring point is great but who want to go through such a hassle? Also, how many times you are backing up your files? This is where the handiest feature in times like this can save you!

What is System Protection?

Windows provide one of the magnificent feature called System Protection and this powered by the Volume shadow Copy ( VSS ) .This volume shadow copy enables the operating system to keep backup files for any files. With this you can easily revert back to the previous version of the files or folders. Simply right-click the file or folder and hit restore previous versions. This will open up with all the list of previous version under the previous version tab.

Note that, to have access to these files, some certain criteria needs to be met. First of all, the file or folder has to be backed up by the backup programme. Secondly, you have created a restore point. Finally, the file or folder has been changed.

Foremost, you need to make sure that System Protection is enabled. For all of these to take place, your System Protection needs to be on in the first place. Go to the system protection tab in the system properties dialogue box and check out if this feature is enabled or not. Generally, this feature is on by default.

Other functions of System Protection

One of the things you should remember is that you do not need System Protection only to recover from corrupted data caused by any application, you can use it to recover the previous version of the file that was overwritten. You will find that this system protection tab also have some other handy feature like, enables you to load a restore point as well as allows you to create a restore point.

This most handy feature generally falls under the category of file recover software and this alone does an incredible job. Yet, there are also other third-party tools you can find that can provide you with some extra features. For instance, Recuva from Piriform, same guys who provides the amazing free CC cleaner, you can use to recover wiped out data off the hard drive as well.