Common issues with programmes

Certainly, you have at least once been in a situation when your computer was struggling with turning a programme on. There can be many underlying problems causing such a trouble. Here, we are to check some of the most popular possibilities.

Missing file and incorrect file version

Any Windows applications may require other files in order to properly run. Most of the time it certainly requires a .DLL file. There are times when the programmes will bring its own installer with their own formatted DLL version. Afterwards, the programme may look for that file and will throw error message like “missing DLL” or “cannot open file”.

The quickest and easy fix for this is to reinstall the programme again and look for any special instructions about the version of support of file. The second fix is to run an online search with missing file name and programme name or simply search for the error with the programme name.

Unresponsive apps

For some reasons, both the default or purchased app bought from Microsoft store may become unresponsive meaning simply stop working. Could be an update messed up with some critical file and so on. You have some fixes for this as well.

Go to Microsoft store and look for any updates by hitting the Get updates for the app that is not working. You should find it under the three horizontal dotes on the top right corner. If there is any update, update the programme right away.

Another one is, there is repair opting provided by Windows, you can look for that. Go to settings, then to Apps and from there, to Apps & features and scroll down to the programme. Click the programme and you should see an advanced option. Click it and you will see bunch of options.

Look for the repair which tries to fix the problem but do not mess with your personal data and configurations. Resets totally going to wipe out any settings you made for the programme and restore it to the factory defaults. Always try to go for the repair first. If that does not work, Reset the app.

Application crashes

Often an application is released when it is still not ready to deal with the peak usage and more likely with buggy code, which may cause the application to crash or can even cause the operating system to crash. This is even more true for applications like Games. Crazy release with such rush often lead to bad user experience.

The player might be in the middle of the most intense moment when the application sent you straight to the desktop as if you never ever opened the application in the first place and been dreaming probably? You can imagine how bad it that.

But this is not always the case. Detecting the cause of an issue can be a hardware or driver failure as well. Lot of reason can lead any such disaster like lockups and shutdown, restart etc. For instance, if the programme maxed out the RAM, the GPU could not handle such intensive work, the programme accessed a bad sector of the memory etc. Can lead to such scenarios as well.