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Just like most major slot games which can be played currently online, the magic theme is a theme that has been exploited by various slot game developers. Whereas, games such as Ancient Egypt typically depends on the stories revolving around pharaohs as well as the myths behind ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which makes these games created by various developers particularly similar. Magic-themed games, give players who are accustomed to numerous other themes the opportunity to feel the magic of a new theme. If you are a player and you want to do exactly that, then this selection of best magic themed slot games.

12 Zodiacs

In many cultures, the horoscope is sacredly revered. The aspects of the constellations of the zodiac may vary, but it holds true to say that they strongly affect numerous aspects of our daily lives. The developers of the 12 Zodiacs – Habanero actually utilised such an amazing concept to create an interesting magic themed slot game. Taking inspirations from the mythology and stylistics from the horoscope of China – the 12 Zodiacs – a 5 reel slot game was developed.

The colourful slot game has a very colourful and attractive display and it is certainly worth every bit of attention it gets. The game can actually be played free of charge on several sites. The reels of the game come with no borders, and it is adorned stylishly like an old temple which has statues of guardian lions located at the temple`s entrance. The game`s beautiful display is complemented by the skilfully chosen songs and audio sound effects that only serve to improve the game’s mental immersion and nice impressions suits the general ambience of the game. Located at the lower side of the screen are buttons that can be used to control the slot gaming machine as well as payable. Then also on either side of the screen are the most common bonuses with their corresponding activation conditions.

Abundance Spell

What is the first thing that you think about when the word ‘spell’ is mentioned? Mystic spirits, dark magic or voodoo charms? It is the Abundance Spell game for online gambling. With this magic themed slot game, the game developers, have succeeded in developing an exciting slot game which is inspired by dark magic. It is a fantastic video game slot that players will begin to like as soon as they get to experience the management and design of the game. The developers really pushed the envelope of this game with its advanced graphics and its enchanting sounds and audio. In the game players are suggested to pay a visit to a strange fantasy world. While the game could prove to be scary, but it can keep the player immersed in it for a long time period. Located on a greenish background, are three lines and five reels. All you have to do is to try spinning the reels and you get a simultaneous appearance of voodoo dolls, skulls as well as several other wild magic symbols. In a nutshell, the game is pretty one of a kind and offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

The Age of Dragons

A lot of modern films and shows are based on several mythical beings which we can call aliens or beasts. These creatures are large, angry and are bloodthirsty. However, there also are heroes in the film’s that are available to kill these monstrous creatures and save mankind. Such storylines are all too common in the world of virtual gaming. In this gambling themed game the developers created a slot game that is dedicated to the central characters, dragons. They are simultaneously amazing and dangerous living creatures. Released during the latter parts of 2018, the game was launched by the Kalamba Gaming studio. Ever since then, the fame has become as popular as being among the best magic themed games.

The game is based on brave knights that engage mean dragons in battle and safeguard their kingdoms. The game is fantastic and features an awesome fantasy world where powerful dragons and human live. The game’s interface is created with rather dark colours which portrays the night and characterise the battle. The game has modern and an original graphics. It also has a beautiful audio to complement the amazing game play. Knights and dragons battle on 5 reels with 40 pay lines which are portrayed on the silhouettes of rocks.

The top of the screen has several pointers that will be helpful during the game. With an immersive gameplay, players are bound to be lost in this magic themed gaming fantasy which has amazing sound effects and awesome graphics which are suitably complemented a rich selection of bonus features.

Alice Adventures

The magic themed game called Alice Adventures is not a game that is meant for kids, but for the grown up adult that knows pretty much about the fairy tale of the little girl that went to the wonderland. The developers of the fame, iSOFT bet, did an amazing job in bringing this amazing title to life on slot machines in a unique way. Certainly, all characters can be found on the slot gaming lots. Characters are properly illustrated and look pretty good. Also with the gaming background, it was properly crafted and blends perfectly with the game. Typically, Alice Adventures is meant for gamers from any part of the world and can be played perfectly on a mobile device or the PC.

Ave Caesar

The Roman Empire typically depicts its brave soldiers fighting to defend their beloved kingdom. But at the centre of the whole typical Roman stereotype is Caesar, the central figure which the game Ave Caesar is dedicated to and revolves around. Developed by Leander Games, the game is an enchanting and players will be happy about the array of important gaming characters as well as various mixes of important game functions. The online slot game has typical symbols, free-spins, wilds, extra themed games in addition to available prizes.

Beetle Jewels

This game compels players to travel a jungle so that they can locate a group of friendly fervent insects. So many games in the past have been able to successfully utilise this subject, however only this slot machine uses a combination of the gemstones theme and the beetle narrative. With this, player can actually access profitable and quality gameplay. Typically the game, which was developed by iSOFT Bet has a fantastic gameplay and lots of prizes that are up for grabs. In combination to the typical natural which the game has, it still offers the jewellery plot, which most players will certainly find interesting.