The software you need for setting up your new monitor

Physical setting up of your new monitor is usually not enough for its optimised work. It is highly recommended to install appropriate software for boosting the performance of your new equipment. This article will provide you with the necessary information on the topic.


This step of configuring your software requires two step process. Very first is to load the drivers for your video card. From there you need to go to display settings, to personalisation settings on Windows 10 and display Personalization applets for Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1 to make your necessary adjustments. Now let’s look at how you can make your monitor and video card work hand in hand.


This should not be anything surprising for tech but for the non-tech people, any new piece of hardware you purchase for your system, they need a driver to drive around the motherboard, meaning to communicate. So, your video card needs driver to function like that as well. The process for display adapter installation is pretty much the same way as for others. Widows has the driver already, insert the installation media that comes with the card or alternatively go ahead and download the latest driver from the Internet. Simply type in the name of the model and manufacturer of your card and go to their official website and look there for further instructions to get the latest driver.

Check for updates

When video cards are launched, they are not always up to the mark but fully tested to hit the market since it is impossible for the manufacturers to know about something that may slip off their test or some technical strangle, which often come in as feedback from the market and users. Best thing is all of these manufacturers are constantly working on releasing new official updates for the drivers which fixes any problem that it had been facing just like any other technology. This is a technological standard which your operating system for your phone, PC, printer and various digital devices go through.

So, keep an eye, if your video card is more than few months old, there is a chance that a new update is available for your card. Best thing is to check your manufacturers website and use the driver located if there is one. In case the website does not offer the driver, it is best to use the installation media. It is best to avoid the built-in Windows driver since they tend to be the most outdated.

When you update the driver for your video card, you also have a choice of uninstalling the outdated drivers and then install the new drivers or you can let the Windows take over and install the new ones right on top of the older drivers.

Got to display settings, then to Advanced display settings and to Display Adapter properties link to open the monitor and adapter properties dialog box. Hit the properties button from the adapter tab and open the properties dialog box for the adapter. Now, to update drivers, click the update driver button. Windows will give options to choose between searching for updated drivers either on your PC or over the internet. The first one will be for the Internet, hit it but make sure you are connected to the internet.

Now you are ready to make necessary adjustments for your new monitor.