VS Code Studio extensions for front-end developers

If you have already made you research of the text editors available to front-end web developers for creating their programming projects, you might have decided to choose Visual Studio Code which is one of the top products of the kind available on the market. In such a case, you should know about abundance of useful extensions which you can apply for making the web development process more efficient and pleasant for you.

Bracket pair colorizer

This piece of extension is one of the most helpful. This extension helps you to mark the beginning and the end of a code block. A code block is the space where you write your code between open and closing curly braces and any other brackets. No matter how nested the brackets are, this extension will always let you know about the start and end of a bracket.

HTML snippet

This extension is a must-have extension if you do not want to write your mark-up from ground every time you start a new project. Now, when you quickly need to check anything, you do not have to write the entire code from the very beginning.

Auto Rename Tag

This is one of the extensions that let you rename any tag and make a necessary closing tag. For instance, if you had <li> tag and you wanted to change it to <ul> tag, just renaming open tag would auto rename the closing tag as well. This will definitely help you to eliminate many unnecessary bugs in your code.

Project manager

Having a project manager allows you to manage all of your projects in one place even when they are located in separate directories inside VS Code. You can either open a folder in your workspace or manually add a folder through a highly configurable JSON file.

Live server

This extension is super efficient since you may want to see your code changes taking places live in the browser. All you have to do is to open the live server from the bottom panel or you can simply right-click and choose a live server from an html file.

HTML CSS support

This extension helps you to write your attributes and classes faster applying useful suggestions.

Prettier – code formatter

This magnificent piece of extension allows your code to be inside a decent format that make it look good and readable by you or others. For instance, when you are writing a code, usually, you need to spend more time on logic and clean code than on paying enough attention on formatting, such as minimum standard spaces, line breaksĀ  and other typical elements.

For some languages such as Python, this one mistake of space can break you and your code. This is where Prettier comes in. It arranges and reformat your code upon save that makes it readable and not bunch of jargon tucked into each other like a pile of ruin.

Quokka JS

Quokka JS lets you see your code runtime value right inside the editor. For instance, when you are writing a code and have an x variable that holds the value of 5 as well as a y variable that holds the value of 4, now, when you perform the addiction of x and y, the result of this expression will be shown right in the editor next to your code, on the same line.

You can customise this function anyway you want. Also, this helps you to see things in advance even before the application compiles through the browser or inside your terminal.

There is a plenty of other extensions out there on the market place which you might find very helpful for your projects. You can simply explore the market from extension tab from VS Code Studio or go to their official website and add them from there. While this is not going to make you super high IQ programmers but it will certainly make your development life a way easier and flexible. As a result, your work will become more efficient.