How can you make a group chat bearable?

Even if you hate group chats, it does not mean you can live without them. Nowadays, a great number of companies starting from the smallest ones up to gigantic corporations are relying on this medium of communication, so in all likelihood, you also have to use them whether you like it or not. It is also possible there are people among your family, friends or acquaintances, who are crazy about creating group chats and communicating with several people at a time. All of these things can become rather disturbing at some point, especially if you are not aware of the simplest rules for communication through group chats.

This article will help you to survive while dealing with this grotesque creation of the modern technology.

Keep the number of group chats minimum

The very first recommendation for your life among group chats is to try to keep their amount as small as possible. If there is a crucial need to be a part of one or to create a new one, you certainly do not have to resign from it at any cost. Yet, if there is a chat with all the people you need for some discussion, there is no need for creating a new one. You certainly can discuss another question right there.

Do not add people to a group chat without a permission

One of the most annoying parts of group chats is the possibility of adding anyone there regardless of the wish of this person. You have certainly become a victim of the individuals who just added you anywhere they want as they believed this is what you need.

It is crucial to make sure whether a person is really interested in the topic of the discussion of the chat you are going to create and also whether this person does not have any problems with using group chats.

It is rather naïve to think everything will be fine if you just add whoever you want as you are risking to get a lot of negativity and irritation in your discussion from the people who did not want to be in your chat and did not feel free to leave it.

Do not send messages at night

Of course, the exception from the rule will be some particular chat for the people who are discussing things only at night. Otherwise, it is highly recommended to resign from communicating with others at night, especially if it is done through a group chat.

Do not assume everyone is switching the sound of notifications off every night. Some people do not have such an opportunity and it is better not to wake twenty people at a time at night with your untimely messages.

Set regulations for your group chat

In order to avoid situations in which you will have to explain to some of the participants of a chat that some of their behaviour is not appropriate for the chat, it is better to set the rules for communication at the very beginning of the existence of your chat. This will be very helpful for everyone.

By the way, you can also propose some rules for the chats which are already existing and you are not the person who have created them. It is absolutely fine to set some boundaries and this will make the communication more smooth.

Do not discuss private issues in group chats

Many people believe it is absolutely fine to discuss their private lives with a single person while they are surrounded by a group of other participants of a conversation. This might not be a big deal in the physical world, however, when the communication is taking place in a group chat, it will be very helpful to resign from such a practice.

If it is possible to discuss such an issue in a private conversation, it will be a way better. Remember that in group chats, people will be notified of any messages you are exchanging with the person with whom you are having a private discussion, so others will have to check the chat all the time only to find there is nothing addressed to them.