Rules for communicating through messengers everyone should remember about

People of younger generations might assume they know how to use messengers pretty well. Indeed, what can be difficult about that? Still, there are a couple of things one should take into consideration in order to make chatting through messengers more effective and appear like a polite person.

This article will help you to understand this topic better.

Is it normal to text someone about work at night?

Sometimes people have to tell something important to another person at late hours. When people had only phones for rapid communication, there was a rule prohibiting calling people after 9 pm. Then, people started sending messages which are supposedly can be ignored if a person is really asleep and cannot answer to them. Even though it is so in the theory, the majority of people do not turn off the sound in their phones and they might awakened by the sound of a notification coming with such a message whether it has been sent through a messenger or as a regular SMS.

It is a bit different for emails which generally can be sent at night more safely.

How much should you wait for a message sent through a messenger?

Actually, the very first thing that you might find challenging is the time of expectation for a reply. Of course, if you are speaking through a messenger with a person whom you do not know well but hope to get into a romantic relationship, a long time of expectation for a reply, especially if it happens frequently, might be an indication of a lack of interest from the side of that person. in such a case, reminding about your messages might make this person become only annoyed by you.

Yet, this is not always the case and sometime there are situation in which one simply cannot make any assumptions about the reasons why another person still has not replied. The reply is needed because it is an urgent case which is happening for example at work. How long is it normal to wait for a reply before you start reminding of your message?

It is crucial to understand that messengers are not the same as emails and it is expected that people will reply through them in a shorter time. Of course, it does not mean you should expect another person to give you an immediate reply. Still, if you really need to receive a reply, you can remind of your message in a couple of hours and then in a day. If the situation is really urgent, it will be better just to call this person directly.

Is it a good idea just not to reply to a message at all?

It is certainly not a good idea to pretend you have not noticed a message and not reply to it at all. You might not be able to give a response right away or you might not want to do it right now. In such a situation, it will be better to tell about it straight to another person rather than ignore him or her or may be even try to hide from him or her pretending you are not online.

Is it a good idea to discuss all of the working problems through a messenger?

Needless to say, messengers are widely used by many companies for communication and it is a quite reliable tool for this purpose. Unfortunately, it does not work properly all the time.

As you can imagine, people are discussing various questions there and it can lead to a situation when the navigation through a messenger becomes rather complicated and overwhelming. Some of the crucial topics can even be lost because of such a large amount of information.

For that reason, it is sensible to use extra tools for managing tasks and also use email for communication.

What is the best way of telling some negative information through a messenger?

Actually, the best way of telling another person some negative information is through the live communication. The problem of writing everything or even recording audio messages is that you yourself allow them to be recorded and stored. Some people are prone to be too emotional or even downright aggressive and it is certainly not a good idea to leave traces of such reactions in the place where everyone can reach it.