SimplePress Theme by ElegantThemes

SimplePress is a slick new page-based theme designed by ElegantThemes, great for anyone looking to give their website a clean and professional look. SimplePress

TheProfessional – Professional Theme by ElegantThemes

TheProfessional is a sleek and professional page-based theme designed by ElegantThemes. The goal with TheProfessional was to create a simple design without

DailyNotes Theme by ElegantThemes

The goal with DailyNotes was to make the simplest and most elegant medium possible through which you could share your daily life. DailyNotes is very minimal

LightBright Theme by ElegantThemes

LightBright makes it easy to share your daily life through it’s tumblr-style post types. Using the custom post types/taxonomies added in WordPress

MyApp Mobile Theme by ElegantThemes

With the popularity of mobile applications increasing, more people are looking for an easy way to create an online home for their software. MyApp theme

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