15 FlexxTheme WordPress Themes – Flexx from iThemes

FlexxTheme WordPress Themes - Flexx from iThemes

Some reasons to choose FlexxTheme:

1. There are 1,056 Layout possibilities
2. Plug-n-Play Graphics
3. SEO optimized
4. Eazy to use
5. No coding required

Live Demos for all FlexxTheme WordPress Themes

Flexx Camohttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/camo/
Flexx Sports Fanhttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/sportsfan/
Flexx Bluehttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/blue/
Flexx Greenhttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/green/
Flexx Orangehttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/orange/
Flexx Redhttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/red/
Flexx Uncorkedhttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/uncorked/
Flexx Professional - http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/professional
Flexx Dark - http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/dark
Flexx Candy Applehttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/candyapple
Flexx Sensationhttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/sensation/
Flexx Boldhttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/
Flexx Canvas - http://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/canvas/
Flexx Canvas Arialhttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/canvasarial
Flexx Canvas Georgiahttp://flexxtheme.ithemes.com/canvasgeorgia

NOTE: This themes’ pack is very powerful, after activating the themes, a “Flexx Theme” menu will appear in the sidebar of your wordpress dashboard. From there you can learn and customize your theme according to your need.

FlexxTheme WordPress Themes

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